I really got nothing to say. I just feel obligated to post as today is the first day of 2012. Looking back on the year 2011, I experienced something I really wanted for as long as I can remember. Graduating for the last time is truly a memorable event for me. As lazy as this might sound but I enjoyed my life without school. I was able to enjoy and relax for the first time without any worries. I’ve been a bum for the past couple of months. Immature as it is, I really like the feeling of being liberated from responsibilities. Time will come wherein I will enter yet another world but there are still many issues I have to clear first. I want to obey my dad and causing him any worries will be detrimental to his health. Months of free time made me go back to how I was during my High School days. Needless to say, I went back to being a passionate fangirl. I reconnected with my semi-abandoned interests. There are many animes, mangas, groups, etc., that I have spent less time “fangirling” about due to the busy schedule during my college years. Notably, there is one group where my love went back full force. That is of course, ARASHI.

I was a fan of them ever since I was in High School. Now, I am even more in love with them than before. I spent almost all my free time downloading and watching their shows, performances, interviews, and whatnots. I truly reconnected with them. What I love about them is that they are perfect because of their imperfections. It is not their goal to appear as perfect as possible for them to be idolized. They are true people and their friendship is real.

Last year was also a year of reconnecting with my friends. Ever since graduating from High School where we went our separate ways it’s been hard to see each other. I admit that I am the hardest to get by because not only my school’s academic calendar is so different from the rest of them but I also have the strictest parents amongst us. Even so, I managed to get out a couple of times because compared to my college friends, my parents almost always approve of me going out with my High School friends.

I present to you the most amazing people here on Earth:

I only have one resolution this year: Live every day without regrets! I will try my best to go through each day happily. This includes more meetings with the people I love!

To end this post, here’s my first picture this year:

Ignore the pile of clothes that has yet to be put inside the cabinet. We’ve been cleaning these past couple of days.

Thank you 2011, I’ll always remember you! Hello 2012, I hope we’ll be good friends. 😀


This is going to be the necessary first day of class post, which I was inspired to write because of my friend.  My classes started very early I might say. Typically I’m in a classroom wearing my usual attire, themed with the color blue and bronze. I see my usual classmates within their usual circle of friends. I am with my own as well. In this particular class, I am with a smart brunette girl, a redhead boy and the famous black-haired guy. That, and the dreamy blonde scowling at the end of the room. We were asked to bring out our books and so we did. Next, we were asked to perform a spell on page 130. We all brought out our wands and..

Oh yeah right. I’m not in an actual class much more an actual school. See, I already finished my classes and I’m just waiting to graduate this October. I’m not even an actual student in Hogwarts (if you still didn’t get the previous paragraph) no matter how hard I wish. Truthfully, I spent the most of today on my bed reading and brewing potions, on pottermore of course, which explains the imaginary story (but really, it’s true.. ) above. Well I won’t keep you anymore from doing what you were supposed to be doing. Bye bye!

This unnecessary post is brought to you by a girl who wanted to do something. Cheerio!

Had this idea with some friends some time ago and finally after some time of discussion and whatnots, looks like we’re heading somewhere.

What is it? I might post about it sometime in the near future.. 😛

My cake! Now with nuts and a cherry!

That’s my cake made earlier today. I am so happy with such a small thing. Haha! What do you think?

So Close!


*Warning spoilers for Chuck’s latest episode ahead*

It is the most tear-jerking episode ever! I hope it is tears of joy.. I really hope. The episode focused on Chuck’s plan to propose to Sarah and everything is turning out fine, well after many times of failure, and you thought this is it, this it it! Then, boom! Of course there will be a twist to the story! What they did was good. A very good cliffhanger and turn for the TV series but I feel so sorry for Chuck and Sarah. They were so close!! Well at least what they did was effective. I heard that the ratings are season high and it made me (as usual) want to watch the next episodes even more. I sure do hope for a happy ending but for now..


Picture from here

Chuck tomorrow!


Can’t wait! Waited too long for this!

The Cast of Chuck!

Picture from here

Also, another episode of Pretty Little Liars tomorrow as well.

I’m brimming with excitement!